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  • Canes

  • Dental Equipment

  • Medical and Dental Supplies

  • Medical equipment

  • Medical supplies

  • Office supplies

  • Printing services

  • Walkers

  • Wheelchairs

  • Four wheel 2 axes vehicles









All items must have expiration dates greater than six months from the date of donation. Equipment must be less than seven years old. Equipment must be in good condition, and have all accessories needed to be fully functional.

While donating In-Kind Gifts, please consider donating $20 to $150 to cover the cost of sending containers. One container has $100,000+ worth of items, and cost per lifesaving container is $5,000. Tax Deductible Receipts will be issued for your contribution.

Before wheel chair donation

After wheel chair donation

Thank you for considering NHIM for your donations.

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