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NHIM is an apostolic missionary evangelistic organization, transforming the needs of the world through the New Testament miracle working power of Christ. NHIM provides a missionary network and leadership training programs to effectively evangelize the nations of the world.

NHIM is an outreach and assistance organization aimed at planting churches, locating pastors, assisting ministers in locating places of ministry and helping ministers start in various areas of ministry.

NHIM assumes and shares the responsibility of fulfilling the Great commission, which is the spreading of the Gospel and the evangelization of the nations, by using team effort to build Clinics, Churches, Schools and Orphanages. NHIM is a conduit, bridging the gap between the various denominations and world cultures.

After the tragic passing of Missionary Winifred and her baby during childbirth, Missionary Clinkscales was impassioned to make a difference in Okpambe.  Missionary Winifred leaves behind a husband and son who look forward to the MEDICAL ADVANCEMENT in  Okpambeto help other women like Missionary Winifred. 


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