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The vision of NHIM World Mission Program is to help people throughout the world in need of God’s love through service, education, freshwater wells, and the preaching and teaching of the Gospel.

Our current outreach program in Cameroon aims to provide fresh water systems, build medical clinics, build churches, build schools and orphanages.

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In 1995, Cameroon had about 2.7 million adult illiterates, two-thirds of whom were women. Literacy is about 20%, causing there to be a great need for literacy center and educational institutions of learning.

Akwaya has 99 villages with about 64 unreached with Gospel. Many of the villages still follow the traditional beliefs and practices of their ancestors. Freedom of religion exists but the spread of radical Islam has increased tensions between the two faiths.

Water-related disease is quite common in Cameroon and particularly affects children; among children under 4, diarrhea accounts for about 10% of all deaths.

The poor condition of its road network and delays in the port of Douala, Cameroon’s ability to move goods and connect manufacturers and consumers with international markets is one of the lowest in the world. 27 % of Cameroon’s rural inhabitants have access to all-season roads. The condition of the country’s classified paved road network is below the level of peer countries, with only 52 percent of the classified paved network in good or fair condition.​

Cameroon ranks 25th for overall mortality rate per 1,000 in the world, a rather high rate as a result of a lack of quality of medical care and overall village life.

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Our current outreach program in Cameroon aims to provide the following to the community:  Freshwater systems; building clinics; building churches; building schools; building orphanages.


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